Patients Friends Association in Unayzah Governorate

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The Friends of Patients Association in Unayzah Governorate is a charitable association registered with the National Center for Non-Profit Sector Development, No. 3625, dated 8/23/1442 AH. It aims to provide assistance to patients according to their needs of all nationalities, including material and in-kind assistance, devices, medical supplies, medicines, and the costs of diagnosis, treatment, and transportation, in addition to paying attention to the social aspects of patients. Based on the principle of social solidarity.

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It is one of the association’s programs and aims to allocate the association’s endowment to friends of patients in Unayzah, and its proceeds go back to the association’s programs, especially kidney failure patients, and to support needy patients, relieve their distress, and achieve financial sustainability.

Standing with patients

The poor and relieve their distress from which they suffer, which represent emergency obligations and ongoing obligations among the basic needs of life.

Costs of treating patients

The association contributes to finding methods of treatment and care for patients in need among the association’s beneficiaries.

Supporting patients with kidney failure

The association contributes to helping kidney failure patients in need by securing medical devices for kidney failure.

Family support

The association contributes to providing food baskets to the association’s beneficiaries every month for patients and the association’s beneficiaries, especially patients with kidney failure, home medicine, and the needy.

Majoor to transport patients

Majoor aims to transport patients to and from hospitals to complete their recovery journey.

Providing medical devices and supplies

The association contributes to securing devices, medicines, and medical supplies for the patients who benefit from the association, especially the needy and disabled patients with kidney failure and home medicine.
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White hands made a difference in the present and future through the services of the Friends of Patients Association in Unayzah.

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