General goals

Providing assistance to patients according to their needs of all nationalities, including material and in-kind assistance, medical devices and supplies, medicines, and diagnostic and treatment costs.
Making periodic visits to patients in health facilities and their homes to review the services provided, touch on their needs, and contribute to alleviating their suffering, renewing hope in their souls, and putting a smile on their faces.
Organizing, establishing and supporting health awareness and education initiatives and programs for patients in particular and members of society in general to increase health awareness and achieve quality of life.
Paying attention to the social aspects of patients in addition to the therapeutic aspects, based on the principle of social solidarity. 5- Cultivating mutual trust and reassurance between the patient and the doctor as a basis for proper treatment and response.
Continuous work to raise the level of health services provided to patients and improve them quantitatively and qualitatively by supporting the needs of health facilities or suggestions and opinions that contribute to developing health work in the interest of patients.
The association represents a link between different devices, charitable people and patients, with the aim of supporting communication and delivering donations to those in need in order to save effort and achieve integration among members of society.
Providing transportation for patients who do not have the means to complete their recovery journey.